Based On Our True Story


Vadavas hires and coaches single moms, motivating them to enhance their quality of life and, foremost, the well-being of their children. 

Our Inspiration

VADAVAS is based on our true story

Vadavas is the result of a long ride from a mom who did not give up and chose to believe in God.

Our mom Diana, became a single mom of 4 children at a very young age. She was all alone and according to people, there was no hope at all for her family.

She quickly got used to judgments, people telling her that the best thing she could do it was to give up and give us away. That she was not enough for us, and she was questioned about how we were going to go to a good school, to Be educated, And how she was actually going to do to raise us properly.

Today, we do not judge people, they only told her to do what they thought it was right based in what they saw, but here is when a story that seemed hopeless, suddenly changed its direction into a complete different one.

Same place different perspective…

My mom knew all the things she had working against her, she knew she was alone and she did not have enough money, she was also aware that she was a young girl in charge of rising 4 lives who was just finding out how life worked.

But my mom decided to do something amazing and simple. She decided to cover her ears and close her eyes from hearing and seeing anything that did not match with what God had said about her and our future. She decided to walk by faith and she started carrying us on this journey which we only depended from God and still do.

Through this journey we have never felt alone, we have never feared of not having a prosperous future, we have never felt left behind.

And yes! GOD can actually provide you with all of this and joy throughout your journey even when you might think it is senseless.

God's love has always been constant through our journey, it has always been guiding my mom through the best path.  We have learned that a family is not just a father and a mom, a family is where God’s presence reigns. We have learned to embrace where we are with unshakable love, faith, and hope, fearlessly. Knowing that God causes everything to work for the good of those who put their trust in him.

We choose to not give up even when it has been hard, God has been faithful. God breathes life in our path and gives it a purpose.

Today the reason why we were saw as a family without any future, it is the reason why we can inspire many other moms and families not to give up, to trust God, walk by faith and embrace wherever they are today, because when the world tells you that there is no future, GOD has plenty waiting for you, when the world tells you to give up, God says hold on! I can make something great out of it.

A few years ago, the purpose behind the journey got finally revealed: we became teenagers and my mom saw more than ever the necessity of being at home. She thought, “Children need a lot of attention but even more teenagers do”.She also thought that it was the last season of her children being at home and she had to give her best to make sure that we were going to be ready to face the world.

At the same time, my mom knew that she needed to bring in income to home, so after long weeks of praying and begging GOD for direction, my mom says that one day she woke up and the word “JEWELRY” could not stop coming to her mind. ( When we were little my mom used to be a clothes designer and also a little bit of Jewelry.) She went with all she had and bought natural stones and VADAVAS started just with $20!

That is why VADAVAS has the initials of each one of our names. Mom says that her story is because of us, and all that she went through now it has a purpose.  

VADAVAS represents God’s faithfulness, He takes our broken pieces and transforms them into something amazing.

We never thought that our story (the one which was never seen with hope by anybody in the normal world) was going to serve as a cheering up tool for so many moms that think they do not have what it is necessary to offer their kids the best, and also for so many families that find themselves without any hope  and the voice of giving up keeps knocking at their door.

We are originally from Colombia, but mom Got married to a handsome man who we like to see as an angel.  He is from Aruba and for that reason VADAVAS started and it is planted in ARUBA, a small island in the Caribbean. We believe you can build something big out of a small place!  

God bless you! We hope we could inspire you to know that it does not matter how your story looks like, if you put it in the hands of God it will always be a good one and it will also serve as a cheering up tool for others not to give up and to accomplish everything they were created for, also to know that there is always hope for those that choose to take the steps of faith!

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31;25. Our brand's mottos; 

What scares you today, it makes you stronger tomorrow.

Home is not the place where there is a father and a mother, it is where the presence of God reigns.

Our stories have a beauty that is worthy of being share!

She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future proverbs 31:25

For I know the plans that I have for you says the Lord they are plans for good and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

We believe that our purpose is to lift each other up like our icon, we believe a heart lifts another!                    

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