Based On Our True Story


Vadavas hires and coaches single moms, motivating them to enhance their quality of life and, foremost, the well-being of their children. 

Where does your bracelet come from?

VADAVAS is a brand whose purpose is based on a true (inspirational) story. A story whose mission is to lift the lives of single moms homes and inspire the people that purchase our products with a message of unshakable love, faith and hope for this journey called life in spite of the stage we can find ourselves at.

We are sisters Valentina, Daniela, and Valeria & we are beyond blessed to share with you what brought us to embrace this beautiful purpose for the one our brand was created and is being handmade. 

Together with our mom, we started VADAVAS, a brand of accessories and jewelry designed by us and handcrafted by single moms at home. The name VADAVAS is a consolidation of our names. ( The S is from little brother Sebastian).


The reality that moves us

Single moms find themselves having to work multiple jobs in order to bring the basic to home, they are giving their best each day to live with purpose, their kids are the center of their stories.

Yet they get little or no time at all to do the most important job in the world which is being a mom and raising good kids for a better world.

Our passion is helping our kids and our generation to grow with firm spirits, without fear of dreaming of the future. For them to grow knowing that they are loved and that God has a purpose for each one of their lives, for them to know that they are no mistake in moms world or this earth, but it has to start at home. We believe that the best message is the one that is transmitted through mom. 

VADAVAS employs single moms and gives them the opportunity to work from home so they can spend more time with their kids.

Our team is part of an international program called THE VIRTUOUS MOM PROJECT, founded by our mom, who herself was once a single mom. Trough this program moms get inspire to embrace their homes, to not give up and they are being inspired by messages of love, faith and hope through all their different journeys in their lives as moms.

We empower mothers to build families.

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