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Vadavas hires and coaches single moms, motivating them to enhance their quality of life and, foremost, the well-being of their children. 

We are sisters Valentina, Daniela, and Valeria.  Together with our mom, we started VADAVAS, a brand of accessories and jewelry designed by us and handcrafted by single moms at home. The name Vadavas is a consolidation of our names.

Our team is part of an international program called WOMEN OPPORTUNITY INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION, founded by our mom, who herself was once a single mom.  Now with our new shop Little Princess, the world’s smallest jewelry shop for little girls, we want to give unforgettable experiences when buying one of our handcrafted pieces, which are made with social responsibility, love, and dedication.

Our dream is to make our brand an international franchise, sharing our footprint globally.  Our goal is to open retail stores around the world, transcending borders so that we can bring work to the homes of needy mothers, whom we call LEADING MOMS. With every purchase, you are helping us to empower more single moms while contributing to our goal of inspiring many more people!

VADAVAS is an inspirational family brand created for the entire family.

Our brand strategizes with inspirational messages that accompany each purchase, thus injecting a taste of union and love in our customers, resulting in a different and pleasant experience for them and ensuring a repeat customer.

One of our most important objective is to keep our business model in line with our social purpose by involving and benefiting moms from the community where each franchise is established. This impacts both the brand and concept by consolidating a team of moms, who manufacture specific jewelry designs and also our signature packaging.

Vadavas’ commitment goes well beyond providing work at home for our leading moms. Vadavas empowers them to learn personal financials, spiritual growth  and seeks to enhance the quality of life for them and especially their children.

The result of this is, dedicated work and is a nice image of the brand in the community.

Women Opportunity International Foundation

WOIF was founded in April 2014 by Diana Biemans-Gomez. The purpose of and social responsibility is to elevate the well-being of children and their mothers, by empowering the mothers to earn extra money at home while sharing their unconditional love with their children. The “I LOVE MOM AT HOME” campaign truly flourishes the bond between the mom and her children and allows mom to not only secure her and her children’s daily bread, but it also allows her to plan more educational, or sporting activities. In the last two years, all the affiliated mothers share their experiences and how they and their children progressively have benefitted by the ongoing spiritual and personal growth.


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