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My name is Yurani and I am a mom of 3 wonderful boys.

Vadavas for me has been a very beautiful experience since I began my journey more than two years ago, I discovered in me how extraordinary is creativity and the beautiful gift that God has given me to be able to work with my hands,  And the creations that  Vadavas designs for their customers in which each detail is perfected with love so that the person who obtains our products feels the love in which we work. Vadavas has given me the opportunity to work from home and I have more time to spend and enjoy my children, I am really happy to belong to the Vadavas family!


My name is Aracelis and I have one daughter named Anita and she is 6 years old.

For me, Vadavas is very important because it is a very generous and kind company. They have a lot of patience and calmness. They help us and they teach us what we do not know or understand so much in the spiritual as in the workplace. Thanks to Vadavas and I was able to change my way of life and to give my daughter a better education. It also helped me to have a better relationship with God. I have learned to thank God more for all the blessings he gives us and to be more responsible with my daughter, to give her better advice and guidance. it has also changed her way of life, she is calmer and says that when she grows up she will be a Vadavas designer.

We are now going to a Christian church and we both love it, we also read books of God and the bible.  before We did not read the Bible, we didn’t go to the church, we did not pray and when we didn’t give thanks to God, my daughter was very rebellious and I didn’t know how to guide her, we did not fear God. God is changing our lives for much better. May God bless Vadavas and continue to be good and generous, we love you very much, thank you!


 My name is Geraldine Duque. (Daughter of a single mom) I am 20 years old, I live with my mom and my brothers. Vadavas has been a great help in these moments since  I have been able to help more at home. Also, it has helped me provide for my own things. 

I thank you immensely for being given the opportunity of being part of this beautiful team.


My name is Yaneth, I am the mom of 2 children. My son is 24 years old and my daughter is 6 years old.

I am very happy working with Vadavas, because Vadavas has helped me to feel very useful as a person, as a woman and because I have the opportunity to work in my own home and take care of my children. The most difficult experience for me was to start working and to leave my son with someone who I did not really know, not being by his side, providing him with my love and missing many things that he needed from me.

Vadavas has helped me because, I can work from home and also take care of my daughter, to guide her with her studies, and to protect my family.

Vadavas thank you very much for the opportunities that you offer us and for fulfilling many of my personal needs.

Luz Adriana 

My name is Luz Adriana I am 20 years old, I had my first daughter Jermai Jireth when I was 17 years -old and had my second daughter Mailey this year. Working with Vadavas has served me much and has helped me much since my youngest daughter is a 5-month-old baby, and it would be difficult for me to leave them alone. With Vadavas I can work from my house, spend time with my two daughters and spend more time with my two daughters.

When I was a little girl, I was left alone at home by my mom and without anyone's support. I used to go to sleep without eating and had to go to work and stop studying. Thanks to Vadavas I can give my children a good future and avoid for my daughters to repeat my story.

Vadavas for me is a wonderful experience, because thanks to the work they provide me, I have been able to help myself with my two daughters, and I think the work they do when helping many mothers is very beautiful and benefits us a lot. 

Thank you Vadavas.


My name is Maria, I am a person with a physical disability, I have multiple Arthrogryposis, but this does not stop doing my jog and duties. I am very grateful with Vadavas, because they offer me the opportunity to perform with what I am able to do. It makes me feel very useful and agile.

I am very grateful to Vadavas for giving me the opportunity to work in my own home. I have more time to do other things and for myself, I thank God, because the owner of the company gives me the opportunity to continue carrying out my job,

Thank you Vadavas 


My name is Cielo, I  lost my parents and 3 of my brothers. My life has not been so easy, but God has helped me and I thank God. Vadavas for me has been like an open door. It has helped me a lot because handcrafting helps me a lot to de-stress and to financially succeed. I can contribute at home, feel useful and help my children and not be a burden. I feel very good when I help.

Vadavas has been like a family to me. because it has helped me a lot, both in my daily life at home and financially. 

I thank God and Vadavas, for allowing me to be part of this group.

Thank you, Diana, for everything, for the opportunities you have given to us as mothers in empowering us to get ahead and to succeed.

God bless you and your family. 

Julieth Andrea 

I am Julieth Andrea Osorio Duque, I am 32 years old and I have a son ( Juan Esteban) who is 7 years old.

I thank God because manufacturing with Vadavas It has helped me a lot. Previously I had to work, leave my son at home and did not arrive late at night and to do homework with him.

Vadavas has helped because now I can spend more time with my son while I am manufacturing Vadavas jewelry.

Thank you a lot Vadavas for this opportunity you have given me and my family.

Thank you and blessings.

Natalia Hurtado

My name is Natalia Hurtado, I became a mother at the age of 15, now I have three children in total, Karen, Brian and.  Unfortunately, I moved to live with a man who constantly mistreated me, until one day I said stop, and I left him being four-month pregnant with my second child.  He always used to threaten me and my family.

I had to start working at the age of 16 to support my children, It was a hard work as a machine operator in a factory, by the time I was leaving, my hands were so hot, however, I had to get home and do the laundry by hand, make dinner, etc.  I fell in love for the second time with the father of my third daughter, but he was a drink lover for that reason I split up and continue supporting my three children.

It was a really hard situation with my little children, I had to always pay a babysitter to be able to work.  Once they grew up, and due to my difficult financial situation, I had to leave my children completely alone at home while I was going to work.  I used to get up at 4 in the morning, make breakfast and lunch, and leave everything served and ready for them.

Nowadays, thanks to God and thanks to Vadavas, I can count with a job that allows me to work from home, support and constantly supervise my children.  Working from home is a blessing that Vadavas gave to me. 

Natalia Zapata

My name is Natalia Zapata, I am a single mother, I have a three-year-old son, his name is Emiliano, a charming prince who keeps me going on every single day.  When his father found out I was pregnant, he said he did not want to have children.  I assumed my responsibility alone, I was 24 then and so far, I have been able to support my son with my work and make sure he gets all he needs.  Thanks to Vadavas I have found the support, I have not gotten any payment yet, but I have learned and whatever you learn in life, helps.  I just finished my first production and I know it was not a big quantity, even though I am so happy learning.


Sonia Gamez

My name is Sonia Gamez, I am Venezuelan, I have 5 children; Andrea 21, Edixon 17, Shneider 12, Ezequiel 9 and my little Claudia two-year-old.  I have been to Cali for a year and we knew it would not be easy to begin from zero, but not impossible.  I started to work twice, but there were many hours far from home and my children alone, I trusted God and I was sure he knew my necessity to work, and I did not want to abandon them or be neglected.  Not long ago, I was offered the opportunity to work for Vadavas, I have been a little time with you, but I expect to learn whatever I need to give you the best of me, I really want to work and learn.  Thanks for the opportunity of working from home, count on me!

Thanks and happy day


Leslie Guerrero

My name is Leslie Guerrero, I am a forty-three-year-old Venezuelan mother with three huge blessings, my children Dominyc 19, Vicky 17, and Mafer 5.  I am an architect, and as many others fellow citizens who became homeless due to the human crisis my country lives.

I never thought about leaving Venezuela behind, but after having a generous and stable life which was providing me the opportunity to reach the goals in pursuit of the education of my children, I had to take a desperate decision to safeguard my family from what was coming.  In my case, the insecurity and impunity were the reasons that forced me to emigrate.

We have been for eight months in Cali, adapting to new customs, lifestyles and many other things have been hard as usual, at every beginning.  However, destiny has brought to us the correct persons in our new path.  People who have opened their arms and provided us the human warmth we need to overcome the difficulties and the pain being far from home.  One of them is Vadavas, a family who trusted me and believed in my abilities, they gave me the opportunity to work from home, something that is wonderful since I have a little girl and no one to leave her with.

I have been working for Vadavas for little time, but in this short time, I found not only the financial stability but also, I have been helping my family who still lives in Venezuela.  Thanks, Vadavas because now I know that honestly working and with faith, I will be able to build a new future for my children, you bring hope to my life.  Getting ahead is my dream!




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